One role of the Lewis & Clark Suicide Prevention Coalition (LCSPC) is to share information from local organizations about suicide prevention and mental health awareness activities available in the County.  To achieve its goal of endorsing events and other opportunities that use safe messaging on these topics, LCSPC adheres to Safe and Effective Messaging for Suicide Prevention guidelines from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, as well as an endorsement criteria.

When LCSPC receives a request to post information to its Facebook page, website or other venue that might indicate endorsement, it will be screened through the process below:

  • Does the request involve suicide awareness, prevention, intervention, postvention or mental health? Education on these topics is preferred.
  • Is the Coalition familiar with the content?
    • Reasonable time to review requests involving more in-depth events or materials, such as a play, film, presentation, exhibit or book – 3 to 5 business days needed for review by a coalition member.
    • Does the content reflect safe messaging (see SPRC guidelines)?
  • If the request involves a support group or something similar, does the facilitator have specific training? Applicable credentials?
  • Are additional supports available?
    • Trained professional on site
    • Availability of printed prevention and support materials
    • Panel of professionals to field questions
    • Access to Suicide Prevention Lifeline/ Crisis Text Line
  • If the activity involves youth, either through a youth group or school, is the presentation provided in small groups? Is there a mechanism to check-in with each young person participating?

Immediate denial:

  • Lobbying

You can view guidelines on Safe and Effective Messaging for Suicide Prevention here.