Man Therapy Campaign

The Lewis and Clark Suicide Prevention Coalition, spearheaded by Lewis and Clark Public Health, launched a new campaign to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health for working-aged men. The project will continue through August 2019.

The coalition is using Man Therapy™, an approach that uses humor to cut through stigma and tackle issues like depression, divorce, and suicidal thoughts head-on.

Man Therapy, available online at, gives men and the people who care about them a place to go to learn more about men’s mental health, assess their own, and consider an array of actions that can put them on the path to treatment and recovery.

In addition to the anti-stigma campaign, the Coalition is offering the Guys’ Night Out Series of activities to get men out of the house, and into a space where they can learn about new outlets and hobbies while connecting with new friends. “Guys’ Night Out” activities are focused on fun, fitness, wellness, and connectivity. Social connectedness is identified as a protective factor against suicide by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center. Keep track of the different events here or check out the listed activities below!

Guys Night Out ActivitiesMay-June